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FREE Vocal Lesson #2 is tonight!

Yes, the roads are safe enough to travel to chorus rehearsal tonight! We hope to see you at 6:30pm!!

Weather-cancelled rehearsals postpone vocal lessons

Yes, if you’ve been watching our Facebook page it is another week of rehearsal being cancelled due to the wintry weather and potentially dangerous road conditions. For those interested in attending the free 5-week series of vocal lessons: we will be resuming with week 2 once the weather clears for safe Monday traveling!

Refine your singing skills!

Following the success of our Christmas Guest Chorus, Blue Mountain Chorus is inviting women who sing (and wannabe singers too!) to join us for a FREE five week series of vocal lessons.  This will include the techniques of good vocal production, an introduction to the basics of 4-part a cappella harmony and a chance to learn some fun songs!

Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm starting February 4

Location: Blue Mountain Community Church, 927 Sturm Ave, Walla Walla

Holiday rest

Using our holiday show blingy scarves to wave good-bye to 2018 rehearsals…. 

See you next year!!  Rehearsals resume 6:30pm on Monday, January 7, 2019, at Blue Mountain Community Church (928 Sturm Ave, Walla Walla)…. come join us!

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